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Wouldn't it be great if SharePoint provided a friendly interface for adding and editing XML data? Something a bit more useful than a multi-line text box? And what if you could use XSLT to determine how that data was rendered in the user interface? An XML Field Type is the answer.

One of the clever features of WSS 3.0 and MOSS is the ability to create custom field types. These allow you to determine exactly how information is displayed and edited within your SharePoint site.

I’ve found that in order to build configurable applications in SharePoint, storing XML and other XML-based data in fields is extremely powerful. The XML Field type allows users to enter XML-based data into a single field using a friendly user interface. The data can be validated using XSD and XSLT can be used to control exactly how the data is rendered in the SharePoint user interface.

Why create a million custom field controls when using XML gives you the flexibility and control that you need without having to write a single line of code?

For more information on the code and implementation of this functionality see:
Custom Field Types Part 1
Custom Field Types Part 2
Custom Field Types Part 3

I hope you find this small project useful and welcome comments and suggestions.

Note: This project makes use of JQuery and CodeMirror, please review their respective licenses before using.

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